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Energize Your Workforce

We improve your people's work performance through systematic fitness and health programs 

Optimize Your Leadership Team
Energize Your Workforce
Build a culture of momentum

Many employees struggle with having the energy to show up fully in their role at work

This leads to:
  • Deadlines not being hit
  • People being sick and absent
  • Your leadership team not performing optimally
  • A massive healthcare and workers comp spend
  • High turnover
  • Low productivity and engagement
  • YOU constantly putting out fires

The success of your company hinges on people and their ability to perform at work.


*Click the stats to view studies

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The average cost of losing an employee is 33% of their annual salary


of workers are not engaged


A single disengaged employee can cost a company about 34% in their annual salary

Our method creates better results, sustainable change, and greater demand for the initiative from your people, all while being more cost-effective.

The F.O.R.M. Method
Systematic optimization of your workforce's health and wellbeing

Functional Fitness

Using movement to skyrocket energy levels throughout the day

Rest and Recovery

Creating a process to rest, recover, and recharge to kick burnout to the curb

Optimal Nourishment

Fueling our bodies for efficiency and productivity

Multiplied Maintenance

Creating sustainable progress by anchoring health to our priorities


Stand out in your industry

Be known as the go-to company in your space. People will want to work with your company because your team and customers feel cared for and supported.

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Help your executive team meet the demands of leadership

  • Better quality decision making

  • More present in every meeting

  • Greater confidence 

  • Increased energy

  • Additional margin

  • Be the example your people need

An energized workforce allows for:

  • Happy, healthy, and engaged people

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Lower employee comp and healthcare spend

  • High customer satisfaction

  • Higher profit margins

  • People that show up


The impact of a wellness program

Higher Profitability

Employees are 87% less likely to leave the company when they are engaged

Every dollar invested in the employee wellness program yielded $6 in health care savings.

*Click the links to view studies by Gallup and Harvard


It's time to energize your workforce

1. Schedule a call

We consult with you to tailor an approach that fits company

2. Energize your workforce

We craft and implement a creative plan that best serves your company

3. Build a culture of momentum

We help create a culture of motion that stays in motion and experiences constant growth


VP of Sales at Medxoom

"Applying the 4 pillars to an individual allows for reinvigoration and a return to focus on healthcare. Focusing on healthcare allows us to better focus on our bodies, our minds, and improve our spending both individually and as a company by taking control of our wellbeing, rather than wasting money on health insurance that isn’t focused on us being the best version of ourselves"  -Matthew

CFO at Patriot E&P

Derek lost over 30 lbs in 2 months with our method

"There is no possible way you could improve someone's health and it have a negative effect on your business. It's just impossible. It will affect the bottom line, there is absolutely no way that it wouldn't. There is no sense in advertising or honing your business in any way, shape, form or fashion until you fix the efficiency of your staff."   -Derek


Dear Leader,

The success of your company hinges on people and their ability to perform. Companies spend millions on advertising, software, and optimizing their systems, but we rarely think about optimizing the system of human beings that works those systems.


Many employees struggle with having the energy to show up fully in their role. We help improve your people’s work performance through systematic fitness and health programs so they can be fully engaged and productive at work.


Unlike many wellness initiatives that consist of massive sets of information and services that never get utilized, our systematic approach uses the law of diffusion of innovation to inspire lasting change in your company. This method creates better results, more sustainable change, and a greater demand for the initiative from your people, all while being more cost-effective.


What are the results? By increasing your workforce's energy you address the root cause of many symptoms that plague the workplace such as increased healthcare spend, turnover, low employee engagement, low productivity, absenteeism, and customer satisfaction.

Investing in and supporting your people is the best investment you can make into your business. It pays dividends for years to come. Our program helps your people feel valued, supported, and cared for all while helping them perform at their best. 

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What would an energized workforce do for your company?

See if your company qualifies for our program or download the PDF to see how our method works

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