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I was tired of being tired! Being overweight kept me from doing things that I wanted to do. Glory to Glory understands everything I am going through. They have educated and empowered me to live a healthy lifestyle with a personalized plan tailored to me!  

- Miriam K

Glory to Glory Training Process

Virtual Training Resource 

For less than $5 a day, this 60-day process will transform your health, without you having to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer. 

This virtual training resource will deliver our training process directly to your inbox.

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Custom Workout plan

Cooking Made Simple

Video Series

These 5 free videos will help you build a solid foundation in the kitchen. And they cost nothing!


If you want to learn how to cook healthy meals that you and your family will love, this series is a great place to start.

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5 Cornerstones of Health 


If you implement these 5 Principles, you will transform your health! You can even start them today!

Some of them may not be what you would think. 

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Custom Workout Plan

Personalized Resource

Knowing exactly what to do in your workouts for your goals and body type can be confusing.


This workout plan will equip and empower you to build a solid foundation in your movement and reach your goals.

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FREE Breakthrough Session

It can seem hard to know exactly what you need to be doing in your health.


This assessment will show you exactly where you are and how to get to where you need to be, so you can get set up on a personalized plan with one of our coaches

Walk Through a Health Assessment With Us 


Nutrition and Mindset Coaching

Personalized Resource

Having the right mindset in health and how you fuel your body is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle.


These lessons will educate and empower you to build a solid foundation in your nutrition and mindset. 

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