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Image by Jonathan Borba

Glory to Glory Training Process



Most people want to be consistent in their health, but they fall victim to vicious cycles that ruin their progress. Our simple process applies biblical principals to health, so you can create healthy habits and lay a foundation that lasts.

For less than $5 a day, this 60-day interactive process will transform your health, without you having to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer. Our process will educate and empower you to become your own trainer!


Here are just a few of the resources you will get:

  1. Custom band workout plan you can do from home

  2. Custom nutrition plan

  3. Daily accountability and mindset coaching

  4. Recipies 

  5. Healthy cooking education

  6. 1-hour coaching call

Your coaching call with one of our trainers is where we will be able to give you even deeper personal advice on how to implement and sustain these habits based on your needs and goals. We look forward to seeing your transformation!

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