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Deck Your Health For The Holidays

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The holiday season is amazing! All of the parties, events and celebrations. And what is at all of those events? Food. The holiday season is a key time for getting off of your eating and workout routine. We all have done it. Maybe it is a time where you find yourself lacking the motivation and that leads to plateau, or maybe you straight up lose what you have worked so hard for. It doesn’t need to be that way. God wants us from Glory to Glory even in the holiday season.

Tip 1: Deck your pantry If all of those tasty sweets are there then you will surely eat them. I know I will. So don’t have them around. Get them out! I get that sometimes we have to have things in our house that aren’t good for us. Whether it is because we are hosting an event or maybe we have kids that are able to eat more of that than we are at their age. If you must have them then at least get them out of sight. If you have them sitting out on the counter in sight you will snack all the time. So put them away in a hard to reach spot that will help you not to think about them every time you see them. Another good trick it to make sure that you never bring any of the sweets home from a party. Just leave it there! Your body will thank you later for keeping these practical tips at the front of your mind.

Tip 2: Deck your schedule This is a simple one. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed and busy that you do not have time to move, particularly in the gym. If we do not schedule our workouts and stick to that routine then we will not stick to them and we will not get better in this season. Ask the lord what events he is calling you to go to and what ones he isn’t in this season. If we attend everything then we will not have time for anything. We must make sure that we make time to keep ourselves healthy this season. The holidays are tough, but if we yoke up with Jesus this season and follow these practical tips we will be able to walk in His rest. God is not calling you to dwindle in this season.

He is calling you to go from Glory to Glory. Let’s do it together!

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