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Small Decisions Lead to Big Results

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We make thousands of decisions each day. Many of which we don’t even realize we are making. Many choices we make are subconscious because they are habits we have created over the years. We have done those things so many times that we don’t even have to think about doing them. Have you ever had to make a stop on the way home from somewhere, you arrive home realizing that you have forgotten to stop? It’s like we go into autopilot because we have made that drive thousands of times. What if we could make a healthy lifestyle just like that drive home? Where we hardly even have to think about the healthy choices we are making, we just make them. It’s possible!

Many unhealthy lifestyles are lived this way. We don’t always consciously make the decisions to be unhealthy, we just do. We have created those habits over time. We are habitual as human beings. This is good if we make the right habits, but unfortunately, many of us end up making bad habits too. The good news is that bad habits are hard to break, but good habits are even harder! How do we break a bad habit and make a good habit? Great question!

The fact is, small decisions lead to big results. Many of us try to change our lifestyle by making one huge, extreme decision. It doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Look at new year’s resolutions. About 80% of all resolutions fail. Most of those fail by February. That huge change is too much for us to wrap our heads around at once. If we want to create habits that will last, we must make those small decisions to change. It takes focus and time to unlearn a bad habit and learn a good habit. It’s not about motivation. It’s about our choices, and what we know we must do. Motivation changes; our choices cannot be led by how we feel in the moment. A healthy lifestyle is having healthy habits made so that you don’t even have to think about being healthy, you just are.

Every small decision you make is an investment in your health. When you invest for retirement, you don’t just go and put 2 million dollars in the bank and say, “Alright, I can retire now.”. You make a choice to invest a little bit at a time for years and years. By the time your 60, you have millions of dollars! This is how it is with health. You must invest small decisions over and over again to create those habits so that you don’t even have to think about making healthy choices, you just do. Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year. That is how you make habits that will last a lifetime!

The question I leave you with today is, “Will you invest in your health?”. Will you make those small decisions over and over again to get those great results? It won’t always be easy, but it is well worth the investment. Be encouraged today. You can do it!

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