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What's YOUR style?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

What’s your training style? So many people define themselves by the way they train. They associate themselves with a certain gym or association based on the type of training that gym or association offers. Many will be the first one to tell you where they train. Whether it’s out of pride for their gym or their need to be a part of a community; they will tell you all about what they do to stay healthy. Many even think that it’s their way or the highway. So what is the truth? What is the best training style?

Well, any training at all is way better than being sedentary. Many are so concerned with what training style is the best when they are not doing any at all; they may even they jump from one style to the other, especially the newest program out with the most ripped guys teaching it. They never see any real results because they aren’t consistent enough and they don’t stay for a long period of time. This is much of what people do in this day and age. They never really find what works for them because they are tossed to and fro by the newest and “greatest” way to train. Not to say that new research and methods of training are necessarily bad, but we must stick to the basics of functional movement. We must find what we enjoy. We must find what pushes us. We must find what community keeps us accountable, and stick with that. Not that our training won’t look different in different seasons of life, but we must have consistency if we want results. Consistency is the key that unlocks the door to results.

The best type of training is the type that you will be constant in. Your training needs to be for your goals. We must make goals and train specifically to meet those goals. So if your trying to get stronger, lifting little weights for high reps probably won’t be the best. In the same way that people trying to lose weight need to make sure that they keep their heart rate up during their workout to keep their cardio going while they are getting resistance training. Regardless of what your goals are we must make sure that our training is functional in nature. What I mean is that we must make sure that we are training functional body movements at their full range of motion. If we are not then we will not gain in athleticism, which should be one of everyone’s goals. So whether you train with a personal trainer, do CrossFit, or do large group sessions during the week; find what you enjoy and give it all you got so that you can go from Glory to Glory in every season!

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