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Renew Your Mind
Build a Solid Foundation
Live to Your Full Potential 

You were created to be healthy!

But There's a Problem...
  • Being consistent feels impossible 
  • Your schedule is crazy!
  • Gyms can seem intimidating
  • Everything seems to get in the way
  • You have aches and pains
  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • You’ve tried everything, but nothing has stuck

Glory to Glory Fitness has everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We bring hope back into your health!

Build a Solid Foundation

Our simple process applies biblical principals to health, so you can create healthy habits and lay a foundation that lasts.

Fit Health Into Your Busy Schedule

Our personalized approach will set you up on a custom plan that you can implement into your day to day life.

Be the Person Others Go-To For Advice

We believe that health is not just about you. It's about those whom you will help in the future. They are counting on you!

Zach R

"Since coming to Glory to Glory over 3 years ago I have seen an amazing turn around in my overall quality of life and I attribute so much of that to the training, knowledge, and encouragement that I have received at Glory to Glory Fitness. Not only did I lose over 90 pounds in just under a year but I have been able to maintain that momentum and become a better overall steward of my body, time, and wellness." 

We have been right where you are!

And since then we have helped hundreds of people just like you lay a solid foundation. 

You Can Transform Your Health

Get access to our resources

Biblically-based resources that will educate and empower you to live a healthy lifestyle.

 Get set up on a custom plan

We will set you up on a plan tailored to you.

 Live to your full potential

Thrive in every aspect of your life.

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If you implement these 5 Principles, you will transform your health! You can even start them today!

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1. Daily at-home workouts 

2. Nutrition coaching

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How can you transform your health?

The health market is flooded with every single thing that people would need to live a healthy lifestyle, right?


But in this day and age, it seems our health is worse than it has ever been in history. More people are held back by avoidable health conditions than ever before. This is just plain wrong! We believe that you were created to be healthy! 


So how can you live to your full potential? 


Glory to Glory Fitness is all about educating and empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle. If you build a solid foundation in your health by renewing your mind and creating healthy habits, you will live to your full potential in every area of life. 


By applying biblical principles to health, we are applying principles that have been proven over thousands of years. We believe that the only way to transform your health is to build on principles that have stood strong throughout history. You can be apart of redefining the health industry!


Our process will take you through the practical steps of laying a foundation that lasts. We will walk you through the 5 cornerstones that will ensure you build your health on a rock. Everyone is different so we provide you with a tailored approach that will help you implement everything specific to your personality, goals, and schedule.

Don’t settle for anything less than your full potential! Build your health on a rock. Get access to our resources and you will transform your health.


FREE Strategy Session

Building a foundation in your health can seem confusing.


This assessment will show you exactly where you are and how to get to where you need to be, so you can get set up on a personalized plan with one of our coaches

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Glory to Glory Training Process

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For less than $5 a day, this 60-day process will transform your health, without you having to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer. 

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