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Your health can help you serve others better 

We partner with teachers and administrators to help them develop a PE/health program that impacts their students for a lifetime.

Renew Your Mind
Build a Solid Foundation
Live to Your Full Potential 

Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be complicated 

Not having a simple method to sustain a healthy lifestyle in any season may cause you to... 
  • Have the same health problems your parents suffered from
  • Not achieve your full potential
  • Weight loss/gain cycles
  • Feel confused by every new article that comes out
  • Not raise up your kids to have good habits in health
  • Feel tired and lethargic all the time
  • Try every new thing, but nothing sticks

You can do great things! Your health doesn't have to get in the way, it can be be your greatest asset. 

Anchor your health to whats important

Most people try and make health a "priority". That's the hard way to get healthy. We help clients anchor their health to things that are already priorities in their life so it is automatically a priority.  

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Fit Health Into Your Busy Schedule

Learn how to structure your health specifically to be successful. 

Optimizing your health allows you to:

  • Be more present with your family

  • Feel more confident

  • Move the needle in business

  • Give more 

  • Create sustainable momentum in every area of life 

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Zach R

"Since coming to Glory to Glory over 3 years ago I have seen an amazing turn around in my overall quality of life and I attribute so much of that to the training, knowledge, and encouragement that I have received at Glory to Glory Fitness. Not only did I lose over 90 pounds in just under a year but I have been able to maintain that momentum and become a better overall steward of my body, time, and wellness." 

We have been right where you are!

And since then we have helped hundreds of people just like you lay a solid foundation. 

You Can Build a Solid Foundation in Your Health

Get access to our resources 

See which of our resources best fit your needs

Implement our program

Use our programs to equip yourself and the next generation.

Better serve those around you

Use health as a vehicle to better serve others.

The F.O.R.M. Curriculum

A partnership program for teachers that equips them to impact their students in PE and Health


*Join us in helping to equip the next generation...

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Full Partnership

We partner with and train up your teachers with workshops to build out a PE and health program that will impact your students.

Interactive and Engaging

Our interactive partnership helps you develop a program that will help students engage with, retain, and apply everything they learn.


Dear Reader, 

By the time I was a junior in high school, I weighed almost 300 lbs, had an addiction to food, horrible acid reflux, was prediabetic, and had VERY low self-esteem.

I tried to lose weight countless times. But every diet I did just didn't work. I would do "ok" for a couple of weeks but eventually would fall back because it wasn't sustainable. 

It felt like an endless, discouraging cycle. I knew I was called to do great things, but I knew I could never achieve them if my health wasn't in alignment with that person I wanted to be. 

Until I eventually got sick of it all. Sick of feeling horrible about myself, sick of being made fun of, sick of having heartburn every night. I started to make the changes... but for the wrong reasons at first. 

As I started to get healthy I started to see that my health wasn't about how I looked primarily, it was about how I can serve others. I ended up losing over 100 lbs and have kept it off ever since. Once I got results, people started asking for help, and Glory to Glory Fitness was born. 

For the past 8 years we have helped hundreds of people all over the US, and several all over the world, take control of their health. We are on a mission to redefine and see breakthrough in the health and wellness of our nation. 

We partner with schools, businesses, and leadership teams and help them use health as a vehicle to achieve their full potential in life, family, and business. 

At Glory to Glory Fitness we aren't just "trainers". Our program is a partnership where we walk with you through the week and help you fit health into your life to do all that you are called to do. Instead of burdening you with unnecessary tasks, we help every action in health be rooted in the things that are the most important to you.


By being a part of our movement you are a part of equipping the next generation to change the current health trends in the US and all over the world.

-Ashton Tate | Founder

Read more about our story and mission Here.

See If You Qualify

FREE Breakthrough Session


Seeing transformation in your health can seem confusing.


During this call, we will try our method on for size in your own life and situation, giving you a clear plan moving forward.

Custom Breakthrough Health Session


The F.O.R.M. Curriculum

PE/Health Education

F.O.R.M. is a fun and fresh way to teach your student(s) about healthy living.

You can be a part of equipping the next generation to create healthy habits in their health at a young age. 

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