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Quality Health Education for Every Student in America

We are on a mission to see change in the health and wellness of our nation.


We do this by partnering with educators and homeschool families to equip and empower the next generation to build a solid foundation in their health, providing simple and sustainable resources for the underserved, and breaking down health into simple frameworks so health can be sustainable for the lung run. 

We exist not only to bring hope to people’s health but to bring Glory to God in everything we do.


How can we serve you? 

Authentically caring and skilled in their craft. I chose personal training in this season of my life because self-employment means you make a lot more decisions daily. Deciding how to workout was another thing to do. Glory to Glory has given me everything I need to stay accountable as well as teaching me how to fit health into my busy schedule. - Brian S

Partner with us:

The F.O.R.M. Curriculum

PE/Health Education

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F.O.R.M. is a fun and fresh way to teach your student(s) about healthy living.

You can be a part of equipping the next generation to create healthy habits in their health at a young age. 

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