We Make Health Simple.

Most people aren’t confident they are doing the right things for their health because the health-industry has made health so confusing. This makes most people fall into a vicious cycle of feeling alone and discouraged in their health. 


 We are redefining the health industry by applying biblical principals to health. Our process makes health simple so that you can be confident you are doing the right things in your health. This helps you walk in balance and develop healthy habits you can sustain for a lifetime. This empowers you to live a longer, healthier, and more purposeful life. 


If you make simple, healthy habits, you will sustain a healthy lifestyle. 


We believe that you were created to be healthy! 

We offer in-home, online, and onsite training sessions to make health simple.



How can we serve you? 

"I have worked out with lots of trainers, but Glory to Glory has by far been the best, and the kindest. They have educated, coached, and pushed me, but I've never gotten injured and have always been able to do everything they have asked me to do! If you want to learn and be challenged, 10 of 10 would recommend them to anyone!   -Miriam

Meet The Team

Kyle Erickson

Kyle is Chief Energy Officer and will bring the energy to each session to keep anyone motivated! His positivity brings hope into every session. 

Brian Ward

Brian is Chief Caring Officer. His heart for his clients is unrivaled! He will walk patiently with you through every up and down of your health journey. 

Zach Roberts

Zach is Chief Consistency Officer. He is dedicated to helping YOU succeed and will always be there when you need him.

Ashton Tate

Ashton is CEO and Founder. His passion is to redefine the health industry, one person at a time by making health simple, practical, and doable. 

Featured in Nashville Christian Family Magazine