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2 Tips to Avoid Sickness

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

1. Eat tons of greens and veggies

Greens and veggies have a ton of nutrients! Our bodies need those nutrients for it to function correctly. Many times when we start feeling sick, we think that if we take a vitamin c packet, our symptoms will magically go away, but by then, it may be a little too late. We must preload our immune system. For example, if I was in battle with someone and they are already over my walls, I'm not going to start building the walls back again during the battle. That wouldn't make any sense. Our immune system is at war with the things that are trying to make us sick. We must be fortified before the battle. Not that taking immune support supplements when your sick doesn't do anything, it just may not be enough.

By eating plenty of nutrient-dense foods, we allow our immune system to be built up so that it can withstand greater and greater attacks. The cleaner we eat, the healthier we will be. Try eating a generous portion of greens and veggies with each meal so you can build your immune system strong.

2. Plenty of sleep

Most of Americans do not get enough sleep. We can not underestimate the power of a goods night rest. When we sleep, our body is able to repair, regenerate, and fight off any sickness that is trying to come upon us. If we are not sleeping enough, we will not be ready to fight off sickness like we would be able to if we got enough sleep. Try getting 8-9 hours of sleep each night to give your body time to rest and recover.

You should not have to deal with sickness often. You were created to be healthy!

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