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A Simple Framework for Healthy Kids

I believe that one of the main reasons many of us have struggled with health is that we never built a foundation when we are young. During the most important years of brain development, no one taught us how to create healthy habits in health.

We may have been taught how to throw a ball in gym class or play a sport. But those things were centralized around someone else. A sport you had to show up for. A class you needed to complete to graduate. But after that season was over you weren’t prepared in any way with habits that apply to any season of life. Now don't get me wrong, I love sports and games in school. I believe it is crucial to building character and hard work habits, BUT it is just one piece of health. In order to change the health trends in the church and in America, we must equip the next generations with simple habits they can use throughout their whole life.

In our F.O.R.M. Curriculum we have a very simple system that breaks down health into 4 pillars. By helping our kids understand each of these areas of health we can help to raise them up to better serve others. They may even impact you as well.

Pillar 1: Functional Fitness. Our bodies were made to move. If we partner with how our bodies were made by getting functional movement several times each week our bodies will function in the way they were designed. This may be a sport, a workout, or a walk. Whatever it is, just have them get up off the couch and get moving.

Pillar 2: Optimal Nourishment. Food is for fueling our bodies. But it is also for enjoying some of the time as well. If we can help our kids hunger for the right things when it comes to nutrition, they will continue to hunger for those things throughout their adult life. This means eating whole, natural, and quality foods most of the time. In our F.O.R.M. curriculum, we have a simple framework for what you need to get with each meal for it to be complete. If your kids have gone through that they will know exactly what to get with each meal as well.

Pillar 3: Rest and recovery. Resting and recovering is all about giving our bodies the rest they need so we can get back to the work that we are called to. It's not just about sitting down and watching Netflix. It’s about having a lifestyle and a routine so we are able to sustain our calling and run the race set before us.

Pillar 4: Multiplied Maintenance. True habits are not guaranteed for life. They are only maintained in each season if we learn to apply simple frameworks and habits in whatever situation we are in. The biggest thing for kids here is helping them to see WHY they are focusing on each area of health and how it will impact their lives and others around them.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, if you and your students focus on each of these areas and are consistent in each season I all but guarantee you will have a solid foundation in health and. Check out The F.O.R.M. Curriculum to give your students everything they need to build this foundation that will last a lifetime.

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