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Build on the Rock

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The rains descended. The floods came. The wind blew and beat on that house. And it fell. Great was it's fall. Sound familiar? This is a story that Jesus tells in the bible about how we need to build our house on the rock. The house that fell was the house that was built on sand. What does this have to do with health? Everything.

Most people want to be consistent in living a healthy lifestyle. But when the rains descend, the floods come, and the wind blows, we wind up falling back into our old cycles. This is because we have built our foundation in health on the sand. We never had a solid foundation to start with. So when tough times come, the holiday season begins, or our busy schedule gets in the way we fall back into our old ways. I want your healthy lifestyle to be built on the rock. Being built on sand means that we never actually built habits. We never renewed our minds. We only did some behavior modification for a little while. It might have worked for a little bit, but in the long run, behavior modification doesn't work. The only way to transform our health is by the renewing of our minds.

Changing the way we think will change the way that we act. So if we can create habits and rewire our thinking, then our actions will flow out of that. This is the essence of a healthy lifestyle. Most people go with every new thing that is out because they want quick results. But the fact is, building your health on the rock isn't just a quick change. Sometimes it takes a while. And that's totally ok! It is worth it.

Instead of getting sucked into every new thing, stick with the things that are tried and true. These things may not be as flashy or new, but they work. And that's what matters. This is why we apply biblical principals to health. Check out our free resource "The 5 Cornerstones of Health" to learn about the five major things you can focus on to lay a foundation. Being consistent in those things yields compounding results that you will reap for a lifetime. No matter where you are in your health, there is hope. We believe that you were created to be healthy! If you take consistent steps in the seemingly small things, it will have a considerable effect in the future. You can live a healthy lifestyle that is built on the rock.

When you are ready to gain ground in your health this year and get on a plan that actually works, schedule a FREE breakthrough consultation and we will help you see breakthrough in your health! These are custom “breakthrough” health consultation calls for those who want clarity in how to gain ground in their health.

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