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Developing Good Habits

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Habits. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that word? Do you automatically put the word “bad” before it? Every one of us have habits! Many of us have had to break bad habits in the past and some of us have habits now that need to be broken. We must use habits to our benefit. We were created to develop habits so that we can sustain a lifestyle for a lifetime. The question is: Are your habits good or bad?

We must focus on developing good habits that will last a lifetime. If we don’t, then we will slowly wear over time. Our brains like routine, some more than others. Every one of us has a weekly routine that is filled with habits that we have created over the years. Some of these bad habits may have been caused by laziness or apathy. If we are not diligently seeking to develop and sustain good habits then our habits will never be fully put to use. We must use habits as an asset and not an enemy.

Think for a moment about some bad habits that you have developed over the years. Is it food? TV? Sports? Sleep? Habits at their core are just addictions to a certain thing or way of doing something. Addiction may be a little extreme of a word to use but my point is that addiction is really just a dependency on something. If we depend on and focus on things that are good, then our lives will be filled with good habits that will bear fruit over a lifetime. Good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones.

It is never too late to develop good habits! Don’t ever tell yourself that you missed your opportunity or that there is nothing that you can do, there is! Step by step you can build a foundation of a good habit by just having practical action steps. Set goals that are attainable and then have an action plan to reach those goals. Along the way you will feel that it becomes easier to follow that action plan as it becomes more of habit. A habit is just a regular tendency that we are inclined to. Sometimes we just have to incline ourselves to a particular goal even when we don’t feel like it. Eventually, our feelings will come into alignment with our actions. So whether it is implementing an exercise plan into your life, starting to control what you are eating, or even making sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep... think about goals in your life and set action steps to achieve them! Eventually those action steps will turn into good habits that will sustain you for a lifetime.

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