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Fasting and Feasting

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Fasting and feasting. One of these is hard for us to do while the other seems like second nature to us. Feasting is one thing that we, as Americans, know how to do. We know how to eat! One thing that can be very hard for us to do is fasting. Fasting is not only beneficial to our spirit but also has considerable benefits to our body. We must understand the biblical principle of fasting and how it applies to our health. I have another article on the "how" of fasting; this article is on the "why" of the topic.

There are times for fasting and times for feasting. Fasting and feasting at the right time is key to living in balance. We tend to feast all of the time. We are continually eating and celebrating. Don't get me wrong, I love celebration and I LOVE good food. There is nothing wrong with feasting as long as it is at the right time. Feasting and fasting balance each other in such a great way and can be used to benefit our health.

In Luke 5: 33-35, Jesus is questioned about why his disciples do not fast. Fasting was very common back in those days and was often done in a legalistic way so that the participant could look more spiritual to others. Jesus replies to these questions by asking a question ­– "Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them; then they will fast in those days.". Jesus explains that there is a time for fasting and a time for feasting. If we do each of these in the right timing, there will be great joy and reward.

There is also a difference between feasting and "splurging". Splurging is when we make feasting all about ourselves and gorge on food just because it is there. I have been guilty of this many times, but once I learned how to think about feasting it changed everything.

Pretty much every time feasting is mentioned in the bible in a positive light it has one thing in common. Community. People come together and use food as a tool to enjoy each-others company and celebrate. We have talked before about health is not primarily about us, it is about how we can better serve others. Feasting is the same way. It's not about satisfying these cravings we have and "indulging" on tons of food. It is about relating to and enjoying others.

When you feast, make your feasting about others. Whether it's enjoying something someone made you, or making something you know someone else will enjoy, use feasting as a way to bring people together, instead of making it primarily about ourselves and getting what we want.

As I have talked about before, we must look at health through three lenses. Firstly, we must examine what biblical principles line up with the mindset or topic. Second, we must look at historical data that tells us how humans have survived and thrived over thousands of years. Thirdly, we must look at current peer-reviewed research that is unbiased in nature. If we look at any given health topic through these three lenses, we will have the full picture and have a clear vision of how to move forward.

Fasting, when looked at through these three lenses, can be a tremendous asset to our lives. The biblical principle of fasting is throughout the bible. Not only is it good for our spirit, it turns out that there is a massive benefit to our health as well. Historically, our ancestors have fasted for thousands of years, many of them by necessity. Our bodies' ability to store up energy for later has been a key in how humans have survived throughout history. We have not always had an abundant supply of food like we do in America. People had to fast until they could find and kill their next meal. Now current studies are showing us all of the benefits that fasting can bring to our body. Fasting can help give our digestive system a rest so that it can process food efficiency. It can help our bodies be efficient at regulating blood sugar by making sure we are not insensitive to insulin and glucagon, which means no more blood sugar crashes. Fasting can even help us fight sickness by making sure all of our energy goes to keeping us healthy instead of continually digesting food.

Overall, fasting is a tool that God has given us. A tool we can use to walk in balance in our health. Find someone who can help you be confident in how to fast for your goals as you go from Glory to Glory for a lifetime.

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