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Find Rest.

It seems like every time I ask someone how they are doing the answer is always “I’m exhausted” or “I’m so busy that I haven’t had time for anything lately”. Why is everyone so tired all the time? Are we as humans just losing our ability to thrive? Or is there not even a possibility of not being exhausted and too busy all of the time in our lives? I believe that we have lost our ability to REST.

Most people see resting as just sleeping or doing nothing on the couch, but resting is so much more. Resting is not a passive and apathetic thing, it is a skill that we must develop in order to thrive. We must learn how to rest. Resting looks different for everyone depending on how their personality type can re charge. For me… a little Netflix by myself or hanging with a friend one on one rejuvenates me pretty fast. For others being with a group of friends is just what they need. See how your personality type rests and set specific time aside for those type of things. One the leaders in my life Joel Evrist once said that we must “Run to work and walk to rest”. This brother is one of the busiest men I know. He has several jobs, has a wonderful family, disciples many men, and still sets time aside to stay fit and healthy. How can he be excellent at all these things? He knows how to rest and when he needs to rest. When he says “run to work and walk to rest” he means that when it comes to work we need to get there and get it done, but when it comes to rest we can’t be rushing around to get to a place of perfect rest because then we start striving to get there. We end up just rushing around the whole time that we have to recharge. We must let there be peace in our rest and in the time getting there. If we don’t, then we will not fully reap the benefits and energy from that time. So in this busy season… find the time to rest. Start getting better at the skillset of how and when to rest.

If we rest well we will work even better.

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