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How to Use Consequences to Your Advantage

“There will be consequences”, I told him…

He gulped loudly and gave me a nervous look.

He thought for sure he was in trouble because of the action he had taken.

But the truth is, he was about to have a change of perspective that would change his view of health forever.

While talking with a client the other day we began to dive deep into a mindset that had been holding him back for YEARS.

A mindset that MANY of us have.

Let’s call him Stan…

Stan had been getting amazing results!

He was excited!

Like stoked!

He had never had this amount of progress ever before.

However… Some of the same mindsets that had held him back in the past kept popping up.

They would make his results crawl to a halt when he would think this way.

If you are struggling in any way in your health… This is for YOU!

See you can be doing ALL the right things and see great results.


But if you don’t change your way of thinking and let those actions flow from that…

Those results will only be TEMPORARY.

So with EVERY client we work with we focus primarily on transforming the way they think and letting the actions flow from there.

Ok ok back to the story…

He was sharing with me all of the things he WASN’T doing this past week to stay healthy and keep growing.

Things like:

-NOT eating sweets and junk food

-NOT being lazy in his movement


But everything he was telling me was about the things he is NOT doing…

Everything was negative…

He wasn’t mentioning the things he WAS doing to change his lifestyle.

So I told him there would be consequences!

He looked surprised as I said this.

I smiled and told him to relax.

I was about to drop some truth on him that would change his thinking forever.

I told him that every single thing we do has consequences.

For good!

OR for bad.

But for most of us, we tend to only think in the negative.

When it comes to health, we tend to only think about the things that we SHOULDN’T be doing in order to transform our health.

Then we stop there.

But instead of focusing on the things we SHOULDN’T do, we must focus primarily on the things we SHOULD do.

Because if we are doing the RIGHT things in our health, we won’t even have the means to do the wrong things.

If we are satisfied by the right things, we won’t even hunger for the wrong things.

Let me give you a quick example…

When you go to the gas station to fill up your car, do you think to yourself…

I SHOULDN’T put Mountain Dew in my gas tank, or windshield washer fluid, or water, etc…


You go to the gas pump and get the fuel you need.

Then once your car is fueled, there isn’t even any room to fill it with other stuff that doesn’t belong.

But we do this with our health…

Half of the time I talk to people about what they are doing to be healthy they start with the things they don’t do…

-Eating sugar, gluten, etc…

But they have no plan to make sure that they ARE doing the right things.

Everything you do has consequences!

This is a good thing.

Use these consequences to your advantage.

Focus on the things you are in control of and make the right decisions.

And then everything that is “wrong” will be filtered out.

You can use consequences to your advantage!

When you are ready to gain ground in your health this year and get on a plan that actually works, schedule a FREE breakthrough consultation and we will help you see breakthrough in your health! These are custom “breakthrough” health consultation calls for those who want clarity in how to gain ground in their health.

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