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Lift Your Eyes

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Times can seem crazy. The unknown is scary. With everyone being panicked around you, how can you stay positive and hopeful for the future when everything seems to be falling apart? Lift your eyes. From the situation. From the stress. From the uncertainty. Lift your eyes to the One who knows, cares, and has it all under control. Jesus.

I want to give you a few practical ways to lift your eyes in these times. Things that you can focus on and progress in that are positive. First, are some tools to help facilitate healthy movement during this season and then I have some practical ways to help you healthfully fuel your body.

It can be hard to move when you’re inside, all cooped up, huh? It doesn’t have to be! I want to

give you a few simple tips that will keep you moving and provide a great outlet for stress

Here are a couple moves you can do at home:

1. Bodyweight squats (legs)

2. Hip thrusts (Hips and glutes)

3. Superman (back and core)

4. Pushup (Chest and triceps)

5. Plank (core)

6. Sit ups (core)

7. Wall sit (legs)

8. Jumping jacks (cardio)

9. Burpees (modified if needed)

10. Floor sprints (cardio and core)

There are hundreds more, but these are a few simple moves most people know that will get you moving. Pick 5 of these moves and do them one after another without any rest. Then try and see how many sets of that you can do over a 15-minute period. This short workout will keep your heart rate up for sure while hitting many muscle groups in the process. Make sure to stretch and cool down after. Have fun!

Here are some tips to keep your nutrition simple and heathy:

- Spinach! Whatever you can find in the stores, be it fresh or frozen, is a great and - usually tasteless - way to add more vitamins and minerals to your meals when you’re low on vegetables or salad greens.

- Smoothies! if you can’t eat it, drink it. If you’re finding it hard to get your hands on broccoli for meals, grab some ingredients to make a few smoothies and drink your greens instead. Kale, spinach, and collard greens work great for this.

- Give yourself grace to be flexible. You may not have all the healthy food staples that you love to keep on hand, nor do you have time to go to four different stores to look – give yourself grace when you have to adapt to things you can’t control. Our health is about long term, consistent choices to steward our bodies well – if you aim for perfection in your eating and exercising in this season, you will only be discouraged. The Coronavirus doesn’t change how we’re called to fuel and steward our bodies, nor does it change the grace on our bodies to adapt to the changing environment around us.

We are in this together! Be encouraged today, as you lift your eyes, the weight of your current circumstances will get lighter. Focus on the things you are thankful for every day. There is hope for today!

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