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Our Story and Mission

By the time I was a junior in high school, I weighed almost 300 lbs, had an addiction to food was prediabetic, and had VERY low self-esteem.

I tried to lose weight countless times. But every diet I did just didn't work. I would do "ok" for a couple of weeks but eventually would fall back because all I cared about was looking good.

I would do "ok" during the week but then once the weekend came, all bets were off. I would eat horribly and feel so guilty that I would try and make an extreme change that would never last.

It felt like an endless cycle. Not to mention the health industry is SO confusing. Everything I would read would say different things. The more research I did the more confused I got.

Until I eventually got sick of it all. Sick of feeling horrible about myself, sick of being made fun of, sick of having heartburn every night. I started to make the changes... but for the wrong reasons.

I basically will-powered myself healthy. Normally that doesn't work for long. But as I started getting results God started doing something on the inside of me that changed everything.

As my relationship with Jesus grew I started to see that my physical health could just be a reflection of what God was doing on the inside of me.

Because as my mind was being renewed every day my actions started to flow out of my new ways of thinking, instead of just forcing myself to do actions that didn't align with how I was thinking.

I started to see that my health wasn't about how I look primarily, it's about how I can serve others. It's about stewarding the only body God gives me in this life.

Where at first my progress was motivated out of fear and guilt, now it was motivated out of a desire to serve God and others. Now I didn't have trouble with my sugar cravings. I didn't have trouble sustaining my progress because my mind was in the right place. Real transformation comes by the renewing of the mind.

*One of my first clients

Once people saw that was actually maintaining my progress this time they started asking for help. I was like "Uhh, ok. I don't really know what I am doing, but you can come work out with me lol". And it just kept happening over and over again. I eventually got certified as a master personal trainer and obtained a degree as a health coach so I could have the knowledge to help people correctly.

As more and more people started asking for help, I founded Glory to Glory Fitness in my parent's garage while I was in college. (Because we all know the best businesses are started in a garage lol).

At that time it was just to help people and make some extra cash while I was in college. But once I graduated college I had a full set of clientele and started running my business full time.

Over the past 7 years, my team and I have helped hundreds of clients see freedom in their health. Not just because we want to make money, but because we understand exactly how it feels to struggle with health.

Over those years God has made it clearer and clear that he has called us to bring revival to a broken health industry by applying biblical principles to health.

Now we have the privilege to work with clients all over the world to help them walk in their full potential. To do everything God has called them to in life, family, and business.

Our mission is to redefine modern health and wellness through time tested principles, common sense, and simple resources so people thrive and have sustainable impact.

We do this in 3 main ways:

  • We help busy, productive leaders have more energy to meet the demands of leadership, so they can have success in every area of life.

  • We have a biblically-based curriculum for kids that helps them build a solid foundation in their health while they're young. (Equipping the next generation)

  • We partner with companies and leadership teams to create a winning and healthy culture that is engaged and constantly progresses their vision and mission.

We also have a desire to give and to get our resources into lower-income areas so those who cannot normally afford to get help can have everything they need to be healthy.

I sincerely thank you for reading our story. I hope it blesses and empowers you to use your health to bless and serve others.

By being a part of our movement you are a part of bringing revival to the health industry and hope to those in need.

-Ashton Tate | Founder

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