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Simple and Local

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Diet… This word carries such guilt and complexity in our day and age. Some think of it as the food that we intake, but many think of it as something they “go on”. We have made eating so complicated and it is causing so much confusion on what we need to put into our bodies. We do not need another diet that goes to the extreme. We don’t need to just lose weight so that we can look good and feel good about ourselves. We need to have a lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable and gives our body everything it needs in every season of life. Sound impossible? It's not!

Firstly, I will say that it is impossible in our strength. We cannot create a healthy lifestyle if we try it on our own. Believe me, I’ve tried! We must have help from those walking with us and from God. Many don’t see God in Physical health, but He is totally in our physical health. So much so, that he wants to help us walk it out every day! If we want to be healthy in every season, then we must have God’s perspective of that season and how he has called us to steward the body that he has given us. We can do it with him!

With that said, let me talk about a couple of practical things that I have found to help make things simple. First, eat simple. Second, eat local. The simpler we eat usually the better for us the food will be. Many times when we try to eat healthy we get these complicated recipes that take forever and have a lot of hidden sodium and sugar. This means extra processed calories that we don’t need and extra time that we don’t have. This isn’t sustainable. Try making super simple meals with seasonings that are low in sugar and sodium. This will be more sustainable and healthier in the long run. Next, try and get foods that are raised or grown in your area. This will usually mean that the food is cleaner and less processed. Know where your food is coming from! In this day and age, many do not know where their food is from. This is not how God intended it. We were created to eat whole foods that our bodies can use for fuel, not processed calories that our body can not break down efficiently.

Let’s not focus on the foods that we shouldn’t be eating and focus on what we should be eating! Our body needs calories and nutrients from the food we eat. We have been trained to think that a calorie is bad when in reality our body needs them in the right amount. In the same way that cars need the right fuel and maintenance, our bodies need the right food and nutrients to function the way that they were created. Let’s partner with the way that God made our bodies as we go from Glory to Glory for a lifetime.

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