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So You Want to Build Some Muscle?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

So you want to build some muscle? Good. Not only is it good aesthetically, but it is extremely good for our longevity physically and mentally. One of the best things that we can do to combat the effects of aging, such as becoming weak and brittle, is to build a solid foundation of muscle, strong bones and a healthy heart. To be clear, I’m not saying that everyone needs to be a bodybuilder or a powerlifter to have the benefits of resistance training. Though, what I am saying is that we must put our body under a healthy amount of stress physically to build a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime.

Why is this so important? It seems that it has been made so complicated and hard to attain but, it doesn’t need to be! When we get older our body declines. We lose muscle and bone mass and our heart is not as efficient as it once was. Our metabolism also slows simply because these processes are not quite as efficient as they once were. We must combat these by building up our body in a way that will last. Resistance training and HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) are two great ways to do this! Take Sally for an example. She just fell at age 70 and fractured her shoulder and her hip. She has eaten pretty well all of her life and has done some light walking with her friends, but she has not put any healthy stress on her muscular and bone system. Now, when she has an unhealthy amount of stress, like falling, her body cannot handle the impact and she can become badly injured. Had Sally focused on building up her muscular and bone systems, she would’ve lessened the impact a fall might have had on her. I’m not saying that if you lift weights that you will never break anything when you are older, but you will be able to withstand more than a sedentary person!

I recommend meeting with a trainer and having them help you with the details of resistance training for your specific age and stage. But, for now, I want to help with three perspective changes that if implemented can change everything!


1. Progression and Intensity We must train with intensity. If we do not then there will be no results. The harder you work your body the quicker it will respond. We also must progress… this will keep us from staying in the same place all of our lives (Glory to Glory baby!). We must progress in some way each week in our training. If you can only do one sit up then next week try and do two, if you can only do pushups on your knees then make it your goal to get to a place where you can do regular pushups. There is always something that you can progress in, this helps us to get away from those plateaus.

2. Rest and Recovery We must give our body time to rest and build back up what we have torn down. Remember we don’t build muscle in the gym, we tear it down so that we can build it back up stronger.

3. Fuel If we are not fueling our bodies with the nutrients that it needs then we will not gain anything. If you tear muscle down and don’t give yourself the nutrients to then build it back up then you will get nowhere.

Make note of these mindsets and implement them in your daily life! As you begin to walk out these new mindsets, you will see your health move from Glory to Glory!

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