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The 3 Ways of Approaching Health

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We know that most people want to live a healthy lifestyle. But living a healthy lifestyle consistently is one of the hardest challenges that we can come up against in our health. Many people are having the wrong perspective and approach to living a healthy lifestyle. The truth is, living a healthy lifestyle starts in the heart and mind.

In Mark 4:13-20, Jesus gives the explanation of the parable of the sower to his disciples.

He explains that the seed is the Word and the three types of responses we humans can have as the Word hits the soil of our hearts.

For some, the Word or seed lands on the soil, but sin chokes it out. Some receive it, but they don't have roots and a foundation, so they only endure for a time.

But there are some, who when they hear the Word accept it and bear much fruit! Not just in the short term, but over the long run.

You might be thinking "Ashton, what does this have to do with my health?" It is actually amazing how this biblical principle can apply to so much more than just hearing the Word of God. It can be applied to our health.

There are usually 3 main approaches to personal health:

1. Someone who doesn't really care about their health.

2. Someone who is able to do a health craze for a short time, but can't endure for the long haul (fad diets, cycles of losing weight and gaining it back).

3. Someone who makes the changes they need to make in a balanced way and is able to sustain a balanced, healthy lifestyle for all their life. They get results and sustain them.

Do you see how these 3 people line up with the parable?

The first person hears about how they need to take care of themselves, but never makes any changes at all. It might even be affecting others in their life, but they still never do anything about it.

The second person knows the importance of health. But they try all the new extreme diets for all the wrong reasons. They're never able to sustain their progress because they never had a solid foundation of healthy practices to sustain them. They might last for a short time, but they always fall back into their old ways of doing things.

But the third person, they make habits that will last. They see the importance of health and decide to do it for the right reasons. They make small changes every day that are sustainable and allow their roots to go down deep. Hard times come and they are able to lean on their solid foundation they have built in their health. They enjoy life and live in a balance, while helping others to do the same.

Can you see how this parable not only relates to spiritual things, but to every aspect of life as well? Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. They are all intertwined.

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Ask yourself, "What person am I today, and what person do I want to be?" Hopefully your answer is #3. If it's not, start building a solid foundation in your health by making small changes every day and building healthy habits that will last.

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