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The 99

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

What are you doing with the ninety-nine? I train many different people that come from all different areas in Nashville, with different income levels, and different ages and stages of life. Some train once a week, some two, and so on. I love customizing a plan and a strategy to really help each individual to reach and sustain their goals. The other day I decided to run some numbers about what percent of time out of their week clients spend with me. Someone who comes even two times during the week only spends about 1% of their week with me. That’s only two hours out of the 168 hours!

I have had so many clients that are very consistent with coming to me but they do not do anything outside of me to get better and achieve their goals. The only thing they change is the 1% of their life when they come to me, they all eventually lose heart and quit. If we think that we can dedicate 1% of our time to something and see results we are sorely mistaken. “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34). Our treasure is not just money but it is TIME as well. It we are not investing time into the things that we want to go from Glory to Glory in then we surely will be stuck in a plateau, and eventually plateaus drop off completely.

I am not saying that everyone needs to give massive amounts of time to training and food prepping and spend thousands of dollars every month. Everyone is called to a certain percent. Everyone is called to steward their body, that looks different for everyone. It will even look different in every season of life. The problem that people have is that they go to the extremes. They either are obsessed with working out and eating that eventually leads to pride or they are apathetic and it leads to guilt most of the time. We must walk in the balance that God is calling us to in each season.

So I ask again, What are you doing with the 99? What are you doing with the time you have? Do you want to see results in an area but are only giving it 1% of your time? I challenge you; whether it’s your walk with God, your professional career, your relationships, or the way you take care of your body to give the percent that will help you reach your goals. Don’t make the important things just afterthoughts in your schedule. Make them priorities as you go from Glory to Glory.

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