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The Anatomy Of A Diet

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Food, oh food. Why does food have to be so complicated? Why is it so hard to eat what your body needs over the long haul? Many of us have struggled with food our whole lives, some more than others; what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and how much. Many people have different opinions on the answers to those questions. But what is the truth? Many of the answers we get seem to contradict answers that we have gotten from others. How do we know who to trust? Let’s clear through the fog, here. A good diet is one in which we can sustain for a lifetime.A good diet becomes a good habit if we can do it for the long haul. If not then we will be constantly going on “diets” to lose weight and many of you know, those don’t work! But a change in perspectives does.

There are a lot of people out there that may not fully know what they are talking about. We must seek help from professionals who actually practice what they preach. Some give out nutritional information but, haven’t actually studied it. They may have watched one video, or heard someone talk about a particular topic and then they take that information as fact and inform others based on what they just heard. Most of these people go from thing to thing all of their life finding the newest fad to preach about. In knowing this, we must ask ourselves three questions when getting dietary advice from people on how we specifically should be eating.

1. What credentials does this person have or what studies backup what they are saying? 2. Is this sustainable for YOU? 3. Does this person live out their advice/council and is there proof of that?

These three questions will help you identify who your people are in your journey of wellness.

Your diet needs to be specific to your goals and your season. When I talk about a diet being sustainable I don’t mean that it cannot be flexible to fit your season and goals. We need to have foundational habits that we can build upon in each season of life. Moderation is key to a consistent diet. If your diet isn’t enjoyable than it will not be sustainable. Not that when you first start changing your lifestyle you will love everything you eat, but what you feed on your body will hunger for. The more clean, nutrient dense foods you eat the more you will crave them and the more they will satisfy you. When a good habit is created, it is just as hard to break as a bad one.

So today practice creating good dietary habits. Seek help from those who have wisdom in this area if you are unsure on what the specifics look like for you. How we eat can take from Glory to Glory for a lifetime.

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