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The Eating Identity

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Eating healthy seems so hard to so many. Why is it so hard to be consistent over the long run? I believe the problem isn’t just about forcing yourself to eat things that you don’t like but it’s about creating a new identity that will last. If we change behavior without renewing the mind, then the behavior won’t last. This is why “behavior modification” doesn’t work. We will always go back to the behavior that represents the state of our mind. So how do we change and renew our mind? I’m glad you asked!

First, we cannot change our own heart and mind. It comes from submitting to God and asking him to renew our minds. To “rewire” them in a way that matches up with the way that he thinks. If we don’t do this then we will never see ourselves the way that he sees. Our identity will be what we make it instead of what God says that it is. Once we have that identity right then we can partner with God in how he has made us specifically! God made our bodies in a specific way, and the road to stewarding them is narrow. God made our bodies to need nutrients and to be taken care of in a specific way. In the same way that a car manufacturer has a way of maintaining their car. There are specific things that you do and don’t put into the gas tank of that car, there are ways you drive it that will help keep it running better for longer. Our bodies are the same. Everyone is a little different, in the same way that every car is a little different. But many of the foundational things are the same. Once we get a vision for what God has called us to do then we can steward our bodies in the way he wants us to. We are not alone in this!

Once we have that identity, we must then create healthy habits that we can sustain. Healthy eating isn’t about what we can’t eat – it’s about what our bodies need. We must get into the habit of feeding our bodies so that they can function in the way that they were made. Habits like eating whole foods and tons of nutrient dense greens, can help us attain all the nutrients our body needs. Seem complicated? Sometimes we need help from someone who knows more about the body than we do. I would encourage you; find someone to partner with you that knows more than you. It may be a trainer, a family member, or a friend. Get someone in your corner that is willing to walk with you as you go from Glory to Glory.

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