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Thrive not Strive

Does it ever feel like you are stuck in a constant cycle of losing and gaining weight? When you set goals, are you able to attain them? Do you feel like you are thriving in life? Just think about that for a moment; we were created to thrive not just survive. For some reason, we think that the best way to thrive in this life is to strive, and that is simply untrue. We try to do everything possible to obtain our goals. Most of the time it’s not for the right reasons, it is out of insecurities or pride. We must step back and take a look at what we are doing to stay healthy, and why we are doing it. Because if we are not in it for the right reasons then we won’t be in it for very long.

Striving can look like making a strenuous effort, and trying so hard to obtain something. Most of the definitions say, “vigorous”. Let me say before I go any further that we need to be men and women that work diligently for the things that are important to us and God. No one ever obtained anything worthwhile from NOT working hard for it. So, this “striving” I am taking about is where we try to do something in our own strength and get burnt out. We never accomplish fully what we set out to do. If we try to approach diet and exercise in our own strength and with our own perspectives we will never fully achieve what God has for us in that area of life. We must have Gods perspective and His strength to accomplish His goals for our lives.

This topic is huge in my own testimony. I was overweight and made fun of all throughout high school. I tried for so long to eat well and I worked out all the time but still nothing ever changed. I was addicted to food and I thought about it constantly. The only reason I wanted to lose weight is to look good for the girls that I didn’t need to be hanging out with anyway. But God changed my life and he set me free from old perspectives. No longer am I addicted to food and lazy, but I am called and graced by God to be available for the things that He calls me to. I realized that He can empower me to eat the things that I need to eat. Jesus says in Mathew 12 that anyone who is burdened needs to yoke up with Him and He will them rest. His yoke and His callings are not burdensome if we ask Him for His perspectives and for His grace. Many of us know that we need to be taking care of our bodies but we don’t know how and we don’t have the strength.

Here is my encouragement to you today. Ask the Lord Jesus to give you a greater understanding of your health. Look to Him to give you strength for He never grows weary, and He will not call you into anything that you cannot handle in Him. You are graced, you are called, and you are equipped!

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