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What has happened to health?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The human body. What an amazing creation. It is arguably the most complex of all Gods creations. It was created for a purpose. Our body was created for us to do everything that God has called us to do. Health nowadays seems to lead to the opposite conclusion. It can seem like people’s physical bodies hold them back from what they are trying to do. Is it because our bodies were made in such a way by God that they hold us back from what he has called us? Or are we just not stewarding what God has given us and as a result we are holding ourselves back? I believe the answer is the latter.

So, what has happened to our health? It seems so complicated in today’s world. The truth is, it has been. Why? Well many reasons, but I won’t go in to every detail now. A big reason that health has been made so complicated is because the health industry wants to make MONEY off of people any way they can. That’s why there is always a new program or plan to buy… I’m not saying that everyone in the industry is like that and I am most certainly not against making a decent living. But not at the expense of the consumer. This is not right. That is why I started a company whose mission is to make health uncomplicated for people.

How can health be made simple for me? Good question. I’m not saying that it's easy and that things won’t have to change, but everyone can live a healthy and balanced lifestyle with some simple habit changes. Health is a process. This is why these extreme diets don’t work. They expect you to go from unhealthy to healthy overnight; and most of the time it’s for the wrong reasons. It cuts out the process of renewing your mind and learning new habits that you can sustain. Me must treat health as a process.

Practically this seems impossible. I’m here to tell you that it can be very practical indeed. One of the first questions to ask is “What is God calling me to in this season, and how can I be available and able for that?”. Once you nail down that question you can work backward from there asking questions like “How do I eat, move, and rest to be able to do those things that God has called me to?”. This is a little different for everyone, but I will sum it up very simply in one sentence as I don’t have time in this article to go into the detail specifically for you individually. You must eat whole foods (in the right amounts and at the right times), you must put healthy stress on your body (by doing resistance training and cardio), and you must rest (by getting 8-9 hours of sleep and having rest days). If you do these three things you will have started the process of going from Glory to Glory for a lifetime.

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