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Where are your priorities?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

What are the things that are most important to us? We can say whatever we want but in the end it comes down to the things that we spend the most time doing and the most money on. A leader in my life once said to me that you can tell what really most important to a person by looking at their schedule and bank statements. Wherever we put our time and money is where our priorities will be. The bible says in Mathew 6:21 “where your treasure is there your heart will be also”. Your treasure is not just money but it is time as well. So many people want to be fit and healthy but they do not want to put any time or money into it. This is the reason why people are not consistent and quit so often, because if we do not put any time or money into something then our heart is not fully in it. All things that are worth having take more time and money. So, is being healthy and fit really worth that time money and commitment? I believe that it very much is.

So why stay healthy and fit? Well first of all I believe that we are stewards of what God gives us, one of those things being our body. We are responsible for taking care of our body. Not only do we take care of it by putting it through workouts and eating the right food, but also by resting as well. Not only will we have more energy, but we will be more available to accomplish all that God has called us to. The physical benefits are also why we take care of our body. Our body thrives if we are putting it through healthy stress. What I mean by this is that if we are putting a healthy level of stress on our bone and muscular systems then they will be built up strong to withstand the effects of aging. It is not just about what we look and feel like now, but we must have a future mindset as well when it comes to taking care of our body. I don’t want to get into old age and be weak and frail and have to worry all the time about if I have a light fall. Now I’m not saying that we will be invincible and never have any effects of aging, but what I am saying is that whatever lifestyle practices we can have to slow and eliminate those effects should be put into practice. If we put our body under healthy levels of stress by doing resistance training and cardio then we build up our body in a way that will better withstand unhealthy stress such as aging, falls, and injury. If we sow healthy life practices like exercising and eating right then we will reap the benefits of having a strong foundation that will last into old age.

The fact is that we will either spend time and money staying healthy and maintaining our body or spend a whole lot more time and money fixing it when things go wrong.

Think of a car, if I never change my oil, get new brakes, have new tires put on and don’t put the right fuel in the gas tank then it is not going to last very long. It is the same with our body. There are so many people that are so tired all the time and always have aches and pains because they do not take care of their bodies the right way. Of course this isn’t the exact same for every person and there will be exceptions and things that go wrong that there is nothing that we could have done, but overall we will get out of our bodies what we put into them. We must have that maintenance mindset that I have talked about before. If our bodies are important to us like they should be we will take care of them. We only get one body… We can pretty much buy anything else again if it breaks down, but there is only so much we can do with the body. This is why medical treatment is so expensive. But if we are spending time and money buying the right foods and having trainers help us then we won’t have to spend all the extra time and money when things go wrong. If we make a change and start making the stewardship of our bodies a priority then we will thrive and go from glory to glory all of our lives.

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