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You were created to be healthy

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We all want to be confident in our health. I mean think about it, we want to know that we are doing all the right things when it comes to how we take care of our bodies. But we are all dealing with the fact that health can seem so complicated and confusing. Honestly, this can make us feel very tired and discouraged. How can we be confident in our health? How can we know that we are doing the right things when we are stewarding our body?

Firstly, we must realize that we were created to be healthy. God has created us to thrive and to get better and better. Our bodies are amazing! They were made in a specific way and for specific purposes. The problem is that we aren’t taking care of them in the way that God has intended. It’s like us buying a brand new car and putting oil in the gas tank, gas in the coolant tank, and never doing anything to maintain the car. The car manufacturer has a specific way that the car needs to be maintained for it to run well and for a long time. If that isn't followed, we run into problems pretty quick. So, we can either spend a little money maintaining it or a lot of money when things break because we didn't maintain it. It is the same concept with our bodies. Many of us are not taking care of ourselves in the way that God has intended. We then we turn around and wonder why we are tired all the time and have different sicknesses, when if we would just have taken care and maintained our body in the first place then many of our problems with fatigue and sickness wouldn't exist. We only get one body in this life. This makes it very important that we take care of it in the right way, it's never too late!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes things just happen. I have seen some of the healthiest people who steward their bodies so well still get cancer. I have also seen some of the unhealthiest people never have any health problems. The fact is that some of this is out of our control. We live in a world where sin has entered, and sin leads to death and destruction. Many times, God can use these hard times we deal with to show us things and perfect us for what he has called us to. My conviction is that we should do everything in our power to steward our bodies in the way that we were made, and trust God for the rest.

Seem complicated? Don’t know where to start? Schedule a FREE breakthrough consultation with us. We can guide you through a proven process to get you to where you need to be. Don’t do health alone! God wants us to prosper and be thrive in every season. We were created to be healthy!

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