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Are you striving in your health?

The Bible says in James 1 that "Faith without works is dead"

I am a big believer that our actions have to back up our priorities and beliefs...

We cannot just do whatever we want with our body, not take care of it at all, and then expect to just magically have good health.

Of course, God can heal any disease and situation, but we must be good stewards of the miracle he has already given us… Our body.

(Which by the way can heal itself because of how it was designed)

BUT There is another side to this coin that most people don’t look at.

You can flip the phrase around and it applies to MANY business leaders nowadays.

WORKS without FAITH is dead…

Just doing a bunch of random things because we feel guilty can be just as futile.


Doing things in our own strength without any help.

Without any help from God AND others.

Wondering if you may be striving in your health?

Here are a few symptoms:

1. DOING too much and still not being the results you want

2. Not giving yourself any grace to enjoy life with others (Being too extreme)

3. Feeling burdened by every action you know you need to take in health

4. Feeling like you are spinning your wheels

5. Not being able to sustain progress

Ever felt any of these things?

I know I have…

Whatever side you tend to lean towards, know this…

There is a perfect grace we can walk in where our actions are motivated by faith and are sustained by our desire to serve others.

Meditate on this concept this week.

Where in your health/life are you walking in extremes that are hindering your progress and keeping you from going from Glory to Glory?

When you are ready to gain ground in your health this year and get on a plan that actually works, schedule a FREE breakthrough consultation and we will help you see breakthrough in your health! These are custom “breakthrough” health consultation calls for those who want clarity in how to gain ground in their health.

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