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Content VS Complacent

Are you content or complacent?

These similar words make a HUGE difference when it comes to your impact and legacy.

Complacency is a THIEF that creeps in ever so subtly and causes us to live mediocre lives without us even knowing or caring.

We don’t want to look back at the end of our lives and realize that we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to.

That would feel awful, right?

Let’s get some definitions straight.

Being complacent is similar to being lazy.

Often when we get upset with our current situation but refuse to work to improve, we are being complacent.

A complacent person never works to reach their potential because they feel that it is pointless.

Contentment is all about being satisfied with what you have.

Whether you are abased or abound, your peace is detached from circumstances.

It is the opposite of the “grass is always greener” mentality.

(Check out Philippians 4:8-14)

But you see people get these two mixed up.

They mistake complacency for contentment.

They settle for their situation and accept that they will never overcome it.

So they tell themselves “I am good just where I am at” or “In the right time everything will work out”

But this isn’t being content at all.

This is accepting defeat.

What happens is complacency eventually turns into apathy.

A state where we honestly don’t care what happens.

We are just coasting through life because we have settled for the lesser version of ourselves.

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

1. What things am I just accepting in my life?

2. Where have I lost hope that ___ can ever change?

3. What areas of my life do I hate talking about (or get offended when people confront me on)?

We must know ourselves.

Some people err on the side of doing to much too fast. (These people end up not being ready because they haven’t built a solid foundation)

And others err on the side of waiting for everything to be perfect before they make a change. They make enough excuses to talk themselves out of anything. (These people end up stuck and never take any action.

We have to walk in a balance of these extremes.

We have to be people and leaders who are perfectly content, satisfied, and thankful for all we have, but who also diligently seek growth and improvement.

This is called stewardship.

How can I be thankful for what I have now, but constantly looking at how I can multiply for the good of others.

Be encouraged today.

You are created to do great things.

Don't let complacency in your health, family and life get in the way of that future version of yourself you envision.

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