Your Health is Like a Road Trip

Your health is like a road trip...

Pulling up to park the other day I saw a Tesla parked and charging in its station.

And for some reason, all I could think about is one health analogy I have been teaching my clients for years.

This lesson could change your life and legacy forever.

Whether you drive an electric car or a car that uses gas, the lesson is still the same.

Most of us have been on a road trip.

Most of the time we have to stop for fuel at least once...

We stop to get gas (Or charge up) and everyone gets out and uses the restroom at the same time...

But what would happen if we didn't stop for gas just because we didn't want to take the time to get off at the exit and fuel up?

It takes 15 or so minutes to get off and refuel.

(maybe 30 if you grab something to eat as well)

Yes, this stop makes the trip take a bit longer, but it's a MUST if we want to get to our destination.

If we don't stop and refuel we will eventually run out of gas, not getting to the destination we set out to in the first place.

If we run out of gas we will be stuck on the side of the road having to wait for who knows how long for the roadside assistance to get there with some fuel.

Not taking the little time fuel up right and partner with the way our car was made has caused us to:

- Spend Way more time

- Spend way more money

- Put our family in a dangerous position n the side of the road.