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How to Guarantee Lasting Results

This principle may be the key to finally maintaining better ENERGY levels, increased PRODUCTIVITY, and greater CONFIDENCE.

This could change the course of your week.

We must understand the concept between quick results and sure results.

We live in a culture of QUICK.

We want everything NOW.

✅ Fast food

✅ Amazon 2-day shipping (Which I have nooo problem with lol)

✅ 30-day diet challenges to lose 35lbs

I get it.

I like things to be fast too.

We don’t want to have to endure to have lasting results.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if everything was just quick and easy?

We could help so many more people!

But the fact is, quick results are never sustainable.

They never last.

Foundations that are built quickly crumble under the weight of life in the future.

Here is an embarrassing example from my life:

I started playing golf last November…

I have gotten a lot better, but I am still pretty BAD.

So the other day I had a golf lesson.

I was sick of being horrible and looking like an idiot off the tee.

The lesson was AMAZING.

We broke down my grip and swing.

He explained exactly how I needed to think about hitting the ball, how I needed to swing, finish, etc…

SO helpful.

I practiced that grip and slowed swing without hitting any balls for 4 or so days.

Then yesterday I went to the range with some buddies.

I thought to myself “I am going to hit like a PRO with this new swing”

Needless to say, I DID NOT hit like a pro.

I’ll just leave it at that lol.

As I was driving away from the range I realized that I was wanting the QUICK FIX.

The one “hack” that was going to change my swing forever.

But that doesn’t exist.

It is the same for our health, business, and life.

If we are always looking for the QUICK, we will never get the SURE.

Here’s what I mean by SURE:

A sure result is one that is transformative from the inside out.

It is rarely quick but requires us to endure.

To be refined.

To have a solid foundation built on the rock instead of on the sand.

So that when the winds come and the storms descend, we can still be standing.

The problem with most people's health is we see some quick results, feel great about ourselves, and then think we have everything together.

We start walking in HUBRIS.

But anyone can be healthy, amazing at business, and a good spouse when everything is going great!

But what happens when we are in a busy, tough, emotionally draining season?

Often times our health is the first thing to go…

Because it was not a foundational lifestyle that is apart of the way we think, it was just a bunch of random stuff we do.

A checklist… ✅

But when things of a “higher priority” come, they replace those items at the top pretty quick.

Things like health, rest, family, etc…

Whatever you are contending for in this season, focus on the SURE work that will last instead of the QUICK work that fades away.

Don’t take the easy road, take the road that few travel.

Because usually, it is those few that everyone else looks up to in due time.

Hope this encourages you this week!

Let’s get after it!


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